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Hi, I'm Jesper Gojal Krogsgaard and Dream Hub Studios is my company.

I freelance as a system architect & developer with core competences in Cloud Storage, Amazon AWS, and Security for both start-ups, small and large companies.

Most recently I worked as a Security Advisor/Architect and Data Protection Officer for an online financial trading service, with a strong focus on the Security Architecture.

Being very experienced as a Project Manager and Team Lead, I at the same time prefer to stay hands on with the continuously changing world of development.

Additionally, I'm strong in API integrations, Databases, and JavaScript, while being proficient in Full Stack Web Development and Game Development (Unity C#, Java Libgdx).

I have a solid network of freelance graphics designers, visual artists, other developers, security experts etc, who work with me on occasions when a need for their unique skillset is clearly adventagous. Often however, I'll pass jobs or tasks on to one of the great persons in my network, if I deem them better at solving it or if I don't have enough time to invest in it at that time.

Contact: somuchforsubtlety@dreamhubstudios.com
VAT no: DK26651476

6th February 2018

Falcon Heavy's maiden launch from Cape Canaveral.

The twin-landing of the side-boosters.

base-animation by Simone Bernabè